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EU leaders slap 10th round of sanctions on Russia

The European Union has finalized its 10th round of sanctions against Russia, timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The latest ban relates primarily to technology and industrial goods such as electronics, machine parts and specialized vehicles, as well as specialized components for truck and jet engines.

Ukraine on Friday marked the one-day anniversary of the conflict.

“Putin is escalating this illegal aggression, weaponizing winter, food and hunger,” EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles said in a statement. “Russia continues to show its inhuman face with brutal missile terror against civilian targets.”

The newest sanctions, he said, “targets those who are instrumental in the continuation of this brutal war. We are taking more measures, tackling the banking sector, access to dual-use technology and advanced technologies.”

The import and export sanctions apply to 121 individuals and entities, including suspending the broadcasting licenses of two Russia-controlled media outlets, RT Arabic and Sputnik Arabic.

Seven entities connected to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps were also sanctioned for the first time. They are accused of helping supply drones and related technology to Russia for use in Ukraine.

The United States considers the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

The new sanctions on industrial goods collectively cover around $11.6 billion worth of exports.

Three more Russian banks were also added to the list of sanctions, resulting in their foreign assets frozen.

The EU, meanwhile, is also tightening reporting measures and obligations of its member states when it comes to identifying sanctioned Russian foreign assets in their jurisdictions.

In issuing the sanctions, Borrell took aim at Russia’s forced adoptions of Ukrainian children.

report backed by the U.S. State Department published earlier this month identified at least 43 camps and facilities in Russia where thousands of forcibly relocated Ukrainian children are being held and exposed to re-education.

“As part of our listings, we are targeting those responsible for the deportation and forced adoption of at least 6.000 Ukrainian children,” Borrell said. “This is a clear violation of international law, including the Geneva convention.”

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