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Taliban seek justice for ‘war crimes committed in Afghanistan’

During an aid distribution ceremony in southeastern Paktia province on Thursday, Taliban’s Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation said that countries that have committed war crimes in Afghanistan in the last four decades and have killed Afghans under various names should be sent to the International Criminal Court.

“The former Soviet government and all its slaves, whether they are inside the country or outside, America’s NATO, including the countries that destroyed Afghanistan, they are responsible for this today. They should respond to Afghans and should be brought before the international court,” Khalil Rahman Haqqani, stated, as quoted by the local media.

Haqqani’s remarks have sparked different opinions within the Afghan social media, with some has strongly questioned Taliban’s deadly suicide bombings across the country which have widely killed Afghan civilians.

“Taliban should ask themselves before delivering such speeches. They have killed thousands of innocent civilians, including women and kids in last 20 years,” a Kabul resident Mohammad Shah said.

“They should first ease education for their own girls and stop harassing people for different purposes. Taliban has always hidden their inhuman and barbaric acts while seeking justice from other countries,” an Afghan journalist in exile, Aziz said.

This comes as Amnesty International released its annual report in which it called attention to the situation of human rights, women’s rights, and restrictions on media in Afghanistan.

“Restrictions on women’s rights, freedom of the media and freedom of expression increased exponentially,” the report reads. “Institutions designed to support human rights were severely limited or shut down completely. Peaceful protesters faced arbitrary arrests, torture and enforced disappearance.”

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